Lingophant is a new mobile app that allows you get instant voice translation and transcription. This way you can remember new phrases in a foreign language. Ask people to record fun or useful phrases for you and get beautiful flashcards like these:

Phrase in English
Same phrase translated in Russian with Russian audio
A collection of phrases

Now, instead of taking handwritten notes that you’ll quickly lose and forget, you have audio + phrase + translation and you can put them in your long-term memory using Spaced Repetition.

If you don’t know what Spaced Repetition is: it calculates and schedules your review moments in an optimal way. It makes sure you review a certain piece of information (or a phrase in a foreign language!) exactly when you’re about to forget it. It’s very efficient and reliable.

Our app allows you to learn much more from your conversations sessions with native speakers or tutors.

But why does recording flashcards make conversations so powerful? Let’s explore 7 opportunities Lingophant creates for learners.

1. You naturally focus on the most relevant words for you

Just to recap. This is how Lingophant works:
(1) you’re having a conversation and you don’t know how to say something;
(2) you ask “how do I say ____?”;
(3) the person records it for you;
(4) you get a flashcard ready for practice.

With Lingophant, you’re learning based on what you tried to say.

This means that you’re learning right away what you need for speaking. You’re learning the pieces that are missing in your language puzzle.

Automatically you focus on phrases that are relevant for you and that match your personal way of speaking.

2. You pick up correct pronunciation quickly

Differently from most apps, Lingophant doesn’t use robotic audio. You are working with human voices.

Even better: from people you know and remember.

By practicing in the app with these recordings, you’re going to listen to the audio over and over again. It’s quite relaxing, and soon you’ll notice that you can easily mimic the way people speak.

3. You can count and notice progress

Not perceiving progress is a problem that many language learners face. It leads to discouragement maybe even to quit learning! But with Lingophant, you can count your progress by saying how many phrases you’ve recorded/practiced.

You’ll also clearly perceive progress while using the language.

Once you have around 300 phrases, you’ll start recognizing the words you’ve learned everywhere.

At 1000 phrases you are basically conversational and can follow most conversations.

4. You create your own set of expressions, jokes and comments

No more boring textbook language. You’re learning from the best source possible: real people. This allows you to learn very authentic language.

Learning to use the expressions that people actually use enables you to show your personality and makes you adorable to native speakers.

5. You’re using your practice time efficiently

Lingophant uses two powerful memory techniques: Spaced Repetition and Active Recall. They’re meant to make sure that you’re going to remember the phrases you learn when you try to use them during conversations.

Spaced Repetition makes sure you’re spending more time learning what you still don’t know well, while keeping what you’ve learned before.

Active Recall here means trying to come up with the sentence from memory, just by looking at the English phrase. This simulates what you’re going to try to do while having a conversation.

6. Had a question during review? Take a note!

If a grammar question pops up during review, you can easily add a note to your flashcards. You can discuss them later with a teacher or reserve time to Google all questions at once.

7. You can learn a new alphabet

Learning a language with a different script? No problem! You can learn to read it by practicing the phrases you’ve collected. All phrases have the text and proper pronunciation, which makes it a solid resource for you to learn a new script.

That’s it! Those are 7 unique opportunities you can get by using the app.

Lingophant will make your conversations so much better that you won’t want to have them without using it anymore.

Wanna try it out? It’s free.

Want to have conversations using Lingophant? Join our language program!

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