Gio is a DJ and bicycle lover from the country Georgia. His English is understandable and conversations are comfortable, but sometimes there are some mistakes. We will have 12 conversations and see how it has improved by the end. What we will do:

  • Have conversations with 30-40 phrases recorded, based on what Gio needs or says.
  • Practice all phrases by the end of the week on the Lingophant mobile app.
  • Do 1 hour of listening-reading with language reactor, trying to really understand most words. This Chrome Extension can pause the video after each sentence, and if you hover over a word it shows the translation. It works for Netflix and YouTube. Training listening is a really fast way to improve.
  • Practice one specific grammar topic each week with Murphy’s English grammar guide.

Week 1: Bicycles and trips

We talked about our common hobby of riding bicycles.

30 phrases were recorded with the most common mistakes. You can view them here, and download them to your app to practice them effectively anywhere. When you tap the green button, they will disappear for 1 day, the next time it’s like 2 days. Try to get it really right, with all details.

“Giolearns bikes and stuff” – I shared a phrase set on the Lingophant App #lingophant

Here’s a little video that explains practicing:

Week 2: ✌️ Nothing really, Alex talked most of the time

Alex talked a bit about some plans, Gio about his thoughts. And a few Georgian sentences were recorded. So we looked at how to practice and record with the app. I hope we both practice until next week, but it’s just a little bit.

Something cool was this exercise that in English, the part of the sentence that you accentuate can totally change the meaning of the sentence.

Grammar points to look at: Sentences with that (Murphy’s unit 92-97, relative clauses, they relate to something else) and just some present tense, (Murphy’s unit 1-6)

“0312 @giolearnsenglish” – I shared a phrase set on the Lingophant App #lingophant

We said that til next week, Gio practices all phrases, does the grammar exercises from Murphy’s, and think of a topic or situation he wants to talk about. ✌️