A unique system of language learning

Become a better speaker of another language. Experience freedom and trust in yourself. 

Review what you learn in conversations effectively with our app.

What’s out there doesn’t really work

With all our modern technology, language learning should be easy, right? But somehow we still haven’t quite figured it out.


Apps alone don’t work. Do you really think you can learn a language just by tapping on a screen?


Classrooms are expensive. Groups are too large, you follow a textbook, and you sacrifice multiple evenings per week


Self-directed learning is difficult. We need some structures and incentives to be successful.

Don‘t blame yourself, blame the method


Our brains literally developed to learn languages. We all did it with our native language, and we all can do it again. We just need to make the natural way of learning a language fun and effective for adults. 

Nowadays, the internet is full of resources and success stories regarding language learning. 

So it is time for something new.

Why our method actually works

We wanted something that combines the most effective methods out there, for a monthly price that is affordable but also allows for personal feedback and support. 

Something where we speak to a native speaker every week, where we spend 30 minutes a day with effective practicing, and where we listen to a lot of input like a kid does. 

We built it and call it Lingophant because of an Elephant’s memory and Ganesha the Hindu god of Wisdom. 

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