Use Lingophant to remember what people around you teach you in a foreign language.

  • Phrases not words.
    • It’s more natural, and you can actually say something that makes sense after a few days.
  • Authentic content.
    • Real people, recording audio clips. Create your own content or download stuff by others.
  • Practice like a pro.
    • We use cards, not time-consuming games. Check one side, see if you know the other. Next.
  • Use it with people.
    • You won’t learn a language by tapping a screen. It’s much more fun to meet people. Here’s an article we wrote that explains how.

How to rock with Lingophant

Step 1: Find a partner or a meetup.
Step 2: Decide on one / two meetings per week.
Step 3: Structure each meeting into three parts.
Step 4: Practice your phrases every morning / evening.

Let’s do some math:

If I have 30-40 phrases after each meeting, and I practice them so that they go into my long-term memory the fastest.
… then with 4-8 meetings per month.
… assuming 1,5-3 new words per phrase
… I will have learnt between 180- 960 words in one month.

Now there are studies that say that 1000 words already allow a speaker to understand 85% of a language. Specifically this one in Spanish, finds that 1000 words are enough to understand 87.8% for Oral transmission, 79,6% of a random reading of fiction novels and 76% for non-fiction reading.

But this doesn’t mean you understand a language. So let’s say you’ve used an app and worked really really hard to learn 1000 words. Sorry to say it, but this means that you will not understand even close to 50% and feel lost. Why? Well a large part of a language are actually expressions that consist of a certain phrase, which is said in a certain tone.

Lingophant allows you to learn very effectively both the most common words and have them encapsulated as real expression. Ready for your use in conversations.

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