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Learning German in Vienna as an​ International Expat

by Sabi Elisa • July 22, 2019

Things that stand in the way of becoming fluent I asked a Vienna Internationals Facebook group with more than 8000 members about what holds them back from becoming fluent in German. This is what they told me: Laziness, lack of money, lack of time, pronunciation, grammar, perfectionism. These are the basic struggles I was expecting. But […]

Coming back from the Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava

by Alexander • June 21, 2019

I want to make true language learning accessible to everybody, that realisation I made in Bratislava. Sabi and I went to the conference, where people who speak 5+ languages meet. These people are called Polyglots. Language learning is more than memorising words. Of course learning words is something everyone has to go through, and so […]

Language Café Initiatives in Vienna

by Sabi Elisa • June 21, 2019

The New Era of Language Learning. The Era of Language Cafes! Nowadays it makes greater sense to learn a new language than ever before, due to globalization, business and lifestyle changes. We have access to global products, consumer and business technologies as well as less barriers when it comes to traveling. It has become easier […]

February 2019 Update

by andre square • March 8, 2019

Things are moving! They say, if you want to go fast, go alone- but if you want to go far, go together. This February, Rafal from Poland came over and helped us with marketing stuff and strategic considerations. It’s very interesting to start using his input and he was super forthcoming and professional :). He […]

5 Places in Vienna to avoid when learning German

by Masha • September 3, 2018

As someone who’s been living in Vienna for a while now, I have to wonder why I still don’t speak German on a daily basis. I was trying so hard to improve my knowledge but at the same time could avoid using it for weeks or even months. So one day I realized that it […]

All I wanted was a faster way of creating new flashcards

by Alexander • August 8, 2018

All I wanted when I started this project was a fast and reliable way to create new flashcards. Already in high school, I hated practicing vocabulary but knew it was the only way. And I’m happy I still know the majority of vocabulary from my 4 years of French. Back then, I found this tool […]

5 Unusual ways to find your Language Tandem partner in Vienna

by andre square • August 6, 2018

It‘s not always easy to learn a new language but if you put your tongue into it you will find that it‘s always worth it! Learning a new language works great when you live (at least for some time) in the place it is spoken but it works even better when you have a Tandem […]

How to Search Netflix for Movies with a Specific Language

by Alexander • July 20, 2018

Can we train listening comprehension by watching movies? Sure, that’s why most Dutch and Scandinavians speak English well! And is it easier in the 21st century? Yes, sure!! Moving from a small country to a large European country like Germany or France, you’ll be shocked when watching television. Most movies are synchronized, where they replaced […]

Approaches to Finding a Tandem Partner

by Alexander • May 20, 2018

The best way to learn involves speaking to other people. Lingophant was built for this. Sometimes, it may be easier to speak to someone who also wants to learn your language. It’s a fair deal: You meet for an hour, and 30 minutes you speak in one language, 30 minutes in the other languages, and […]

Agreeing on Language Practicing with a Friend

by Alexander • May 20, 2018

Here are three strategies: 1/3 Ask them to sign a contract for month May Here’s an example of a contract to print: Agreement between ……… and ………. I’m happy to help you learn a language by having one conversation per week, leading to 4 per month. [ ]    [ ]    [ ]   […]