In order to have a good conversation session, it’s extremely important that your audio is working fine. Otherwise, people will hear your audio chopped and won’t understand what you’re saying. It’s not only bad for language learning, it’s also extremely annoying.

1. Your Microphone

If you have decent earphones that should be enough so we can hear you clearly. You don’t need anything too fancy.

However, it can be the problem sometimes. You can do a Mic Test by clicking the “Let’s check button”.

2. Too Far Away From the Microphone

I know, this sounds obvious. But we’ve had people fix the problem simply by getting closer to the mic. Make sure your mouth is close to your input device.

3. Wrong Input Device

Another common issue is that your input device, that is, the one you use to speak, is not correct. In my case I have two working microphones: my notebook mic and the headset mic. If I want to use my headset mic, I may have to select it in the dropdown menu.

4. Input Sensitivity

If you speak and the sensitivity bar turns green, we should be hearing you. If it is not, something is wrong. Try to solve it with the other alternatives.

5. Noise Supression

Often people speak and Discord recognizes their voices as background noise. What happens is that we hear everything chopped out. If you’re having this problem, try checking “Noise Supression” off.

Turn on again the Mic Test we did in the beginning and try checking off “Echo Cancellation” and “Noise Reduction“.

In my case, if I check off “Noise Reduction” the background noise becomes too loud. However, removing “Echo Cancellation” improved my voice a bit.

If you don’t have a high quality mic or a good audio setup, I’d recommend just leave it as it is.

That should address the most common issues!