Learn 10x more from your conversations


Lingophant is an app, a method and a community of language learners

Humans are social animals, and can learn naturally through speaking and listening. But there are five big struggles language learners face and ways to solve them:

  1. Knowing the right words in the right moment
  2. Understanding native speakers talk
  3. Staying motivated
  4. Pronouncing things the right way
  5. Finding structure and building habits

Struggling with language learning?

We support you with a tool, methods, community, and structure. For this we researched and tested the methods of successful polyglots.

Support natural learning with technology

We humans are natural language learners, and we have always learned languages through speaking and listening. Lingophant simply supports it with technology.

Highly effective conversation practice

You’ll use authentic audio recordings, from real humans. These are recorded during conversation sessions, or prepared in advance. You’ll be listening to and speaking with native speakers from day 1.

What’s this about?

Here’s a video:

What makes Lingophant special?

Personal and real-life content.
Our powerful tool helps you remember your own phrases and download them from others. Human interaction is always in the center though.

Creating flashcards easily.
It takes only a second to record a sentence, and get text and translation automatically. Never forget those words again.

Practice with authentic recordings.
Our apps focuses on listening and self-testing. Our algorithm helps you save time by keeping track of when to practice what. And you earn peanuts for efficient practicing.

Wanna experience real effective language learning?

Learn how Lingophant solves the biggest problems language learners face. In just five emails we present what took us years to learn about fun and effective language learning.

What would it be like if you could speak an additional foreign language comfortably? We have some practical advice and concepts that can give you a fresh look on your learning journey.

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