Our free iOS and Android app helps you memorize words and expressions in a language faster. Our context-rich flashcards can be created live during conversions.


Please note that the app comes empty of any content and you‘ll need a native speaker to record phrases for you. Our membership includes a weekly group session with a tutor.

Audio First

You‘re practicing with original audio recordings by a real person. That way you‘ll always learn the correct pronunciation and expressions. But also you hear the context and the person you learned it from.

Easy creation of flashcards

Ask native speakers to record phrases with the app. The audio is automatically converted to text and translated. The result is a flashcard you can practice with.

A Spaced Repetition System.

Ever heard of it? It is the fastest way to get information into your long-term memory. Lingophant‘s mobile app can store 100‘s of phrases you want to remember. It tracks when you last practiced it, and when you need to practice again.

Nothing like this exists yet

With Lingophant you can remember all new phrases you learn in a conversation!

If you worked with a native speaker before, you know how many nice expressions or words there are. Writing them down is distracting, and misses what it sounds like. And how often are you really gonna look at previous notes? Huge opportunity missed!

What it looks like:

Seven unique opportunities for learners:

  1. You naturally focus on the most common or most relevant words. Whenever you‘re missing a word, a native speaker can record a sentence. You’re learning exactly what you need.
  2. You create your own set of expressions, jokes and comments that show personality and make you adorable to native speakers..
  3. You can listen to the original audio recording over and over again. By doing that you’re going to pick up the pronunciation quickly.
  4. You can count your progress by saying how many phrases you’ve recorded/practiced. Once you have around 300, you’ll start recognizing these words everywhere. At 1000 phrases you are basically conversational and can follow most conversations.
  5. You practice active recall, which helps you remember words during conversations.
  6. You can easily add notes or questions to your flashcards to discuss them with a teacher afterwards.
  7. You learn a new alphabet with the audio and the text when practicing. Use the phrases you’ve collected to start reading the new script.

What makes Lingophant special, compared to other apps?

You effectively create your own language learning content or download content from others. Join our Conversation Sessions to get started.

You can practice with the original pronunciation by the native speakers or tutors who recorded the phrase.

Our algorithm helps you to save time by keeping track of when to practice what. Earn peanuts for practicing, because elephants and language learners love peanuts.