Our app is a tool to help you learn faster. You can use it with teachers or friends for 30 minutes, and remember all new phrases. If you’ve learned through tandems or conversations with people you know, then you may like it. It’s making our new way of learning possible, see our offers.

Our mobile app solves the problem that conversations are so great for input, but it’s so hard to actually remember all those new words and expressions.

Alex – creator

Seven unique opportunities for learners:

  1. You have the time to listen to the same phrase over and over again, as it’s recorded by a human being. You’ll recognize patterns soon enough.
  2. Also you’ll come up with questions about phrases or patterns you recognize but cannot quite understand. You can mark a note with a comment and ask more about this when you’re with a native speaker.
  3. You practice active recall, which is something that makes speaking easier.
  4. You’ll create your own set of expressions and comments that show personality and can make listeners laugh.
  5. You can actually count your progress, and how many phrases you’ve recorded. Once you have around 300, you’ll start noticing these words all over. Once you have 1000 phrases, you’ll be basically conversational and can understand most conversations.
  6. You naturally focus on the most common or most relevant words. Whenever there’s a hole in what you want to say, a native speaker can give you the next word. Therefore, you’re really learning N+1 through conversations.
  7. Practice a new alphabet: first you see the English version, then you turn the card and try to read it with the letters you know. And then you can check the pronunciation.

What makes Lingophant special, compared to other Apps?

You effectively create your own language learning content or download content from others. Join our sessions with a membership to get started.

You can practice with the original pronunciation of a native speakers you know.

Our algorithm helps you to save time by keeping track of when to practice what. Earn peanuts for practicing, because elephants and language learners love peanuts.