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Lingophant is an app and a community that lets you learn a language by speaking and listening.

We provide you with the structure to be successful, the community to learn together with, and the effective practicing that minimizes time spent.

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Our brains are literally built to acquire languages: we all have learned our native language and we all can learn new ones.

Because the more languages you know, the more opportunities you have in life:

  • Travel and genuinely connect with other cultures
  • Experience how your brain is working and growing
  • Become part of a global community of learners
  • Feel the freedom that you can move anywhere in the world and be fine
  • Have self-confidence when living and working abroad
  • Gain respect from the people around you
  • Develop stronger empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Move between cultures and understand your own better.

Unfortunately, most language courses and app don’t deliver what they promise. They turn language learning into an inefficient and overwhelming task.

One of the biggest problem is that they do not offer the bare minimum we need to learn a language: consistent and intensive speaking plus listening practice.

So how can Lingophant help you?

We are creating an all-in-one environment for language learners. There, you’ll be able to:

  • learn about how to actually learn a language,
  • have the support of a community of learners,
  • get a library of handpicked authentic content for practicing your listening skills,
  • get access to language-specific guides and courses,
  • find reliable language exchange partners and get regular speaking practice,
  • have more valuable conversations with the Lingophant app
  • use a high-power tool for efficient and effective practicing

In the coming sections we will explain how Lingophant can help you.

Feeling Lost? We can provide structure

Language learning needs a plan and a method that works.

However, learners often feel lost about what they should do and it can feel really overwhelming to try to fit language learning into a tight schedule.

Luckily you’re not the first person who wants to learn a language efficiently and fun. There’s a vibrant online polyglot community that has been working hard to find out the best ways to learn.

We are putting these principles together and extend them with a tool, in order to help you get access to the world of language learning and start with the right foot. Here’s how:

  • Take Action: Our email courses will guide your learning with clear and actionable steps;
  • Learn How To Learn: In our Knowledge Base, you can find the best resources to learn about how to learn languages;
  • You’re Not Alone: As a part of our Community, you can always ask others for help in your learning and get motivation from them;
  • Talk to people from all over the world: You can join weekly conversation sessions in different languages.

It’s not hard at all to fit this in your schedule, even if you’re a busy person. If you have one hour of conversations and two meaningful assignments per week, along with practicing with our app, we can make sure you are making the most out of every minute spent.

Let’s say that you learn 20-30 new phrases with Lingophant every week. At the end of the year, you’ll know far over 1000 words . That’s enough to understand more than 76 % of written and 85% of spoken language (the study’s about the case of Spanish).

Develop Conversational Skills

✅ Welcome
✅ Conversational Skills
➡️ Effective Practicing
➡️ Lingo Sessions and Conversation Sessions
➡️ Listening Comprehension
➡️ Memberships Benefits

Sitting in a class every evening of the week is a real sacrifice. And teaching the grammar of a language has been proven again and again to be less effective than learning through comprehensible input TODO, that is, through listening, reading and participating in conversations. Not only is learning through understandable input more effective, it is also way more enjoyable than getting lectured about grammar rules.

We use conversations with native speakers as a source of Comprehensible Input, which you get in the form of Lingophant flashcards.

When you participate in one of our conversation sessions, your host will record phrases for you. You can then download them and practice with the app.

It is easier to remember something new, if it is relevant for you. Having a real experience with people works better than just an app with some illustrations and stock images, right?

What makes Lingophant special, is that we can make learning from conversations so much more efficient.

I’ve found myself making the same mistakes in German over and over again. However, after I started using Lingophant, I was able to notice them more and get rid of them!

Vitor, Polyglot and Member of the Lingophant Team

Using our app, you can use interesting conversations to create your own personalised collection of phrases, and afterwards practice and listen to them in your own tempo.

Quick Tip: Our app also has a listening mode, that allows you to listen to all phrases in a loop. You can do this while walking, cleaning, or when you are stuck in practicing mode with phrases you just cannot remember yet.

Effective practicing

What frustrated me the most, was learning something new, and instantly forgetting it.

Alex, Founder of Lingophant

✅ Welcome
✅ Conversational Skills
✅ Effective Practicing
➡️ Lingo Sessions and Conversation Sessions
➡️ Listening Comprehension
➡️ Membership Benefits

If you spend one hour every week collecting new phrases for Lingophant and practicing them the rest of the week. Our app allows you to practice anywhere and anytime! It doesn’t matter if you’re in public transport, cooking, or taking a walk.

Each time you practice counts, because the app is designed around the most effective way to remember phrases.

The most effective way to practice is through self-testing (this was proven in a large literature review study). Our app shows you a phrase and you try to come up with it in your target language. This includes finding the right words, pronunciation, and melody. Doing this reinforces your neural structures way more than just passive listening, or doing a quiz.

It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but soon you’ll figure it out and will love it!

You’ll spending half an hour a day listening to real people recording phrases, not robot voices, or words with pictures. This human aspect gives a special and personal touch to your practice.

You’ll remember the phrases vividly, since they are about whatever subject you talked about in your conversation session. You may even remember why you were talking about it or who said this or that sentence.

That’s how we make our private lessons and group conversations are so effective!

Practice Speaking Every Week

✅ Welcome
✅ Conversational Skills
✅ Effective Practicing
✅ Conversation Sessions
➡️ Listening Comprehension
➡️ Membership Benefits

Speaking practice is important, but searching for native speakers and organizing an exchange can be quite frustrating and difficult.

People don’t show up, stop answering, are busy with something unexpected, are unreliable, etc. This happens and too many people lose their motivation because of this.

We arrange sessions for our members! For Community Members, we have a weekly exchange. For our Full Members, we set up dedicated language sessions with a native speaker, that happen regularly during the month. This guarantees high-quality and consistent speaking practice for you.

Our paid membership includes four of Conversation Sessions per month for your language of choice.

Once you signed up for a membership, we will find a teacher who can host a group for your target language. It works for any language! If yours isn’t offered yet, we’ll try to find someone and get in touch with you, or you’ll get a refund.

You can also join our free Lingo Sessions on Tuesday evenings. They are a language exchange that we host once every week, independent of the Conversation Sessions.

Lingo Sessions usually have a bigger number of participants and the available languages depend on participants present on that Tuesday. We help you set up and join groups and it’s also a great opportunity for you to learn effectively and get to know Lingophant!

Our Community Membership is currently free, and you can get it by signing up to a Lingo Session, through this form here. You will receive an instruction email with three simple steps for joining. More info about Lingo Sessions and Conversation Sessions here.

Real-World Listening Skills

✅ Welcome
✅ Conversational Skills
✅ Effective Practicing
✅ Lingo Sessions and Conversation Sessions
✅ Listening Comprehension
➡️ Membership Benefits

If you don’t work on your listening skills though, you won’t understand what people say, nor be able to speak in a fluent and natural way.

The Comprehensible Input Hypothesis says that you have to put the language inside your brain (listening/reading), before you can put it out (speaking).

This is exactly how children learn their native language. Listening comes before speaking!

Unfortunately, most language courses do not give you enough opportunity to actually develop real world listening skills and most learners simply don’t practice listening enough.

That’s why so many language learners are overwhelmed whenever they try to understand a native speaker, or watch a TV show or movie.

The problem is that, if you don’t have a good listening understanding level, you won’t have a good speaking level either.

On the other hand, did you know it is possible to learn a language almost entirely through listening and reading? That’s how Vitor from our team became fluent in German in two years, so that we work together in German now (and he never left Brazil).

Our courses offer listening and reading material with transcriptions and translations, produced by native speakers.

As a Full Member, you can access our curated library of authentic resources that will help you improve your listening skills: the best YouTube channels, series, blogs, books and much more for several different languages!

Knowledge Base

✅ Welcome
✅ Conversational Skills
✅ Effective Practicing
✅ Lingo Sessions and Conversation Sessions
✅ Listening Comprehension
✅ Membership Benefits

Furthermore, you’ll join our ever-growing Language Learning Knowledge Base containing:

  • Learn from the best: a curated library of the best videos and resources for language learning,
  • Set up a plan: guides and for learning, making a plan, building a habit
  • Know where to start: language specific introductions or guides, to get you started with scripts, grammar, culture, etc.
  • Discover amazing free resources: a collection of interesting and compelling content for listening practice, per language, topic and level.

Anybody can learn a language with the right method

That you are already here, means you probably already know how hard language learning can be. However, it doesn’t need to be like this. We believe that through a natural way of learning you can have more fun and still be effective.

We want to provide you with everything you need to be successful in your learning: the methods, the guidance, the content, the conversation practice and much more.

As a Full Member, you’ll be able to:

  • join weekly conversation sessions,
  • make them more effective with the Lingophant app,
  • learn more about how to learn languages,
  • and be a part of an international community of language learners.

Language Learning will never be the same for you again. As you realise how much more you can learn with the right tools, you’ll regain your confidence and find actual joy in the process.

We know, many of the apps and methods do not deliver what they promise. We’ve been there. But we actually want you to succeed with a language! That’s why we’re offering a 2-week money-back guarantee, and you can cancel at any time. Just drop us a line at, and you’ll get a refund. No questions asked.


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Courses by the community

Vitor from Brazil has created a Portuguese course. Included are nine videos for practicing listening, a conversation session, and a private lesson. Get it here.

Alex and Vitor also have set up a German language Coaching Course, which is a unique collaboration between a German native speaker and a successful learner and polyglot. If you’re struggling with German, we will get you on track, using your time in the best and most efficient way possible.

Our courses are delivered to your email inbox, and have clear instructions for a structured path towards speaking fluency. Contact us if you want to create and sell a course with us.

In case you want to host sessions yourself, we can give you a Full Membership for free. We are also happy to provide this for people who help improve our Knowledge Base. So we’re happy to get to know you through a short meeting you can sign up for here.

✅ Welcome
✅ Conversational Skills
✅ Effective Practicing
✅ Lingo Sessions and Conversation Sessions
✅ Listening Comprehension
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