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5 reasons to learn a language when traveling.

  1. Be a respectful traveler. It’s nice for most people to see that others are putting in effort to learn their language. Somehow this is not true for the Polish and the Dutch. The Polish will try to talk you out of learning Polish, and the Dutch genuinely prefer speaking to you in English because it makes them feel sophisticated.
  2. You can meet other people in their authentic language. It’s nice to speak English to people, but it’s also nice to speak Spanish with the Argentinian girl at the camping. Or to make jokes with the few sentences you know in Russian. Or follow the conversation when you’re a grateful guest of someone’s hospitality. 
  3. Deal with challenging situations. At the car mechanic, you kind of want to speak to the guy in his local language. Or when you’re at a restaurant and some question comes up. It’s nice to be able to deal with stuff.
  4. This way you also have a richer experience traveling, feeling safer and freer. It’s like you’re in Vienna or Amsterdam and upgrading from public transport to riding a bike.
  5. Enjoy a new skill. A language is in many ways a vehicle and a key. A vehicle can help you reach more places and situations. And the key unlocks a world of movies, humor, stories. Start watching and enjoying authentic content online as soon as possible! Search for a series, a podcast, or a radio or a newspaper that could be fun.

No matter what your story is, it helps to understand the elements of language learning better. We have spent 5 years researching this and have summarized the most interesting findings in a course. We structure it around the three main elements of language learning:

  • Speaking and learning expressions,
  • Listening to and understanding native speakers,
  • Working smarter, not harder.

Through four emails you’ll understand why former methods may have not been very effective, how other people have been successful, and what natural language learning looks like.

Our emails are full of tips and stories that can help you understand and enjoy the journey of a language learner.

At the end, you will receive an invitation to join our new public warm-up beta that uses a combination of live conversation sessions, listening exercises, and effective practicing with our own app. Our current offer is tailored for Spanish and Portuguese, but you can respond to the emails if you want to learn Dutch, Russian, or Arabic.

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