Our language programme

As language learners ourselves, we have tried everything out there. Apps, methods, techniques, you name it. We realized that the right technology can really boost the language learning process, but somehow the human element was missing everywhere. Our goal is to enjoy the best of both worlds: learning from humans and learning effectively.

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We want to connect people around the world, so they can learn a language from each other!

For 30€ you get five emails with our videos that explain it.

Get your 5-day email course

The five things every succesful language learner needs. What we learned over six years condensed in one series of email. If you like you can pay 30€ afterwards.

Are you a

You can decide at the end if you want to pay the 30€.

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For 90€ you can buy courses from us and other teachers.

For example, get our 12-week any language challenge for 90€. We send you two emails per week with short videos that help you build an effective language routine without wasting time.

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Activities may include:

  • Videos and audios for developing your listening;
  • Accompanying transcripts and translations of these videos/audios to help you learn better;
  • Challenges for with a partner.
  • Recorded conversation sessions with native speakers;
  • Phrasesets to download and practice with Lingophant.