Listening-Reading Resources

Listening-Reading is one of the most effective ways to learn, because you’re getting so much input. It’s even possible to learn a language ONLY through listening-reading. I learnt it from Vitor, who spoke perfect German just from this and showed me how to do it.

Below are links to resources per language. We recommend to choose a few, and copy them into a note app you can access from both your phone (on the road) and computer (home). Here you will paste links to videos for later review. You can add words from videos as well for quick review.

  • It’s fine if you don’t understand every word.
  • It’s useful to switch between the subtitles.
  • You can rewatch the same video.
  • And review videos again.

One alternative is to use Language Reactor, which works with videos that have subtitles. On YouTube and Netflix! It creates two subtitles, and automatically pauses the video and lets you look up words instantly. It’s basically perfect, especially cause they also have a library with channels for most languages. You can activate it from the browser or deactivate it, once installed on Google Chrome. But it’s intense, and maybe you just

It can be 💪 intense (Language Reactor) or ✌️ relaxing (just watch with subtitles).

German 🇩🇪

With two subtitles (for on the road):

Friends-like Series for learning German

News sources:

Podcasts for Listening with a transcript: