Create Flashcards in Seconds!

A specialised TOOL that integrates a Dictaphone, Spaced Repetition System (SRS) and a Question List in a single app.


Our experience tells us that learning a language by speaking is the most effective way. We decided to build the tool we needed so much.

Optimised for Language Learning

Works for any language. It’s streamlined to make recording new phrases quick and easy, with minimal interruption of the conversation.

Original Audio Clips

Use the Lingophant App during a conversation with a native speaker.

Only Relevant Phrases

Build your own personalised phrase book with flashcards.

Optimised Practice

Our algorithm calculates optimal repetition intervals (Spaced Repetition)

Learning Step 1: Select & Record

Talk with native speakers and ask them when you miss a certain word. Then repeat the full sentence into the microphone. Repeat whenever needed.

Learning Step 2: Listen & Transcribe

Collect audioclips during a conversation. Afterwards, you listen back to them and transcribe the content. We help you with a button for translation and for voice recognition.

Learning Step 3: Practice

You now have created flashcards that you can practice by swiping. Depending on the direction you swipe in, the word will come back for practice after a certain interval (SRS)