Welcome to the new generation of language learners

Lingophant consist of two parts:


A mobile app to efficiently remember words and phrases you learn during conversations.


A method of learning through conversations with a tutor and Listening-Reading material.

What’s out there doesn’t really work

With all this modern technology, language learning should be easy, right? But somehow we still haven’t quite figured it out.


Apps alone don’t work. Do you really think you can learn a language just by tapping on a screen?


Classrooms are expensive. Groups are too large, you follow a textbook, and you sacrifice multiple evenings per week


Learning on your own can be hard. We need some structures and incentives to be successful.

Did it work for you?

We’re a small start-up with a better method than those million-dollar companies. Come find out yourself! We choose a unique and natural approach. The way we learn is through combining the powerful activities used by successful learners.

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Our app: a 100% personal phrasebook


Why waste time learning things you don’t need?

Learn phrases that you actually needed during a conversation.

In the beginning your app is empty. A native speakers can record and send phrases to you. Then you can practice them very effectively. This also works great for corrections of your most common mistakes.

Our method: 100% activities that get you fluent fast

Only one meeting with a tutor per week. Have a nice conversation and ask to record 30 words or phrases that you needed.
Sorry, but you must practice to learn a language. Our app is designed to make reviewing as fast and effective as possible.
Understand native speakers when they speak fast. We work with the Listening-Reading technique used by polyglots to practice this.

Doing the above, there is no way you’re not learning the language fast.

What we cared about when designing our method:

  • Easy to schedule for busy people.
  • Practice efficiently by yourself, like in a bus or during a walk.
  • Combining multiple methods that are proven to work.

Start now

Learn how to apply our method for any language. Learn how to find a teacher, how to find other learners, and how to apply the Listening-Reading method.

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We have to state it: Speaking another language is awesome!

  • Become a multilingual person and a global citizen. Meet people in their language and gain respect.
  • Become a better traveler or colleague. Experience the freedom and safety of being able to deal with any situation.
  • Become a better human being. You train your brain, improve your empathy, and learn more about the world.
Enjoy traveling more authentically.