Use conversations as a source of relevant input, and practice the content in your own speed and with authentic audio recordings. Our sessions with a host are super effective because your host uses our app to record new phrases or corrected phrases. And you are able to practice them afterwards in a super effective way.

Become comfortable speaking

Language learning is an inherently social process. That is why we, Lingophant, are out to follow a social learning methodology.

Learn by speaking.

Lingophant is a tool for learners who want to have fun and be effective at the same time. That is what we ourselves were looking for when we decided to actually build it.

What do we offer? We integrate highly personal content with effective practicing. You use conversations as a source of input, and practice the content in your own speed and with authentic audio recordings. Our app makes recording new phrases super easy, and it makes practicing super effective.

This is what how it works:

  • Join a session with a native speakers and listen and speak.
  • The host records useful phrases and expressions, and gives feedback on your speech if necessary.
  • Receive a link afterwards and download the phrases you want to remember.
  • Practice every day, with our fun and effective timing calculator.
  • Remember.
  • Use.

What others have said:

Getting started

We are currently offering sessions in Portuguese (Brazilian) and German (High German, with some tints of the Viennese dialect”. More offers are in progress so you can look back later, and follow us on Instagram. If you want to host a session yourself, join our Discord community and chat with a_h_vie.

In the sessions, we will do a short introduction round, pick a topic, and maybe go through an activity or situation together, before we answer some questions.


Is it also for beginners?

Yes and no. You shouldn’t mind listening to others do most of the talking, and just play it cool when you’re asked or asking something. It’s all about making mistakes and listening, so if not boring, it’s definitely going to be useful. The host can also help you formulate your first sentences and record them for you, no problem.

What’s the pricing gonna be like?

Sessions cost 20€ each, including then especially created phrase set. The app itself is still free. The following app features will always be free: listening to your phrases and practicing, creating 7 new phrases each day, and creating phrase sets for others.