One Tool, Many Use Cases.

We needed a tool that made it easy to remember new words. We built it. Then we realised the potential for revolutionising language learning.

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Language Tandems

The original purpose of the App. With your language buddy, have the phone on the table and record any new sentence into the microphone. In just a few seconds you’re done!

  • 50 New Phrases per hour
  • With Pronunciation
  • Only Relevant Content With the Context!

Language Coaches

Bring student-generated content to your teaching. With relevant content and real-life context, learning new phrases will become easier. And they are much more likely to practice if everything is on their phone.

  • Students Collect Questions 
  • Creative Methods for Peer2Peer Learning
  • Full Sentences and Pronunciation

students table

Language Schools

Dedicate part of your lesson to the inputs and questions of your students. Content coming from their peers is much more relevant and our games make it even easier to remember.

  • 20 minutes per course unit.
  • Use methods in our handbook.
  • Your students needs are central

“I always urge my students to do tandems next to my course. My students use the App to save relevant content and their questions, and once a week we spend an hour with Peer2Peer Learning and answering questions. It works great to make the content relevant.”

Language Teacher
Johanna Hahn

“Thanks to Lingophant I was able to increase my vocabulary output from 12 to 40 words. And all went to my long-term memory!”

Tandem Student
Fabian Stricker

“This App has great potential to support learners by combining informal with formal learning.”

Prof. in Language Didactics
Eva Vetter, University Vienna