Hi, good you are here.

This video inspired us to actually build Lingophant. Check it out and you’ll get a sense of what learning by speaking means.

Why Tandems?

As illustrated in the video above, it is very important to practice your memory every day when it comes to a  new language. What is the stablest way to do this? Exactly, to speak.
All you need for speaking basically is another person. This is why we support you to find a tandem partner in Vienna.

How will it work?

Sign up below.  We contact you as soon as we have a matching tandem partner for you.
Furthermore, we provide a space for your weekly meetings and support you with our finesse technique. Our Lingophant app.

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The Lingophant application is differently designed then previously seen ones. The focus is not only set on speaking and having a playful learning experience, but also on being able to create personalised content on a day to day base. We believe this will boost your learning process.

What is a Chatbot?

The Chatbot is an artificial intelligence, which usually is set up to support you. Commonly, they work at customer services. Meet Lingophant, who is the very first chatbot which is specialised to teach a language. More infos on how this will work you find by clicking the button below:

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Learn German with our Chatbot. He holds several Challenges provided for you. Challenge yourself to learn German Smalltalk within 3 days and Level up! 🎁