Create practice cards DURING conversations.
A powerful tool for language learners.

Record Audio Clips

Use Lingophant in a conversation with native speakers.

Only Relevant Phrases

Build a personalised phrasebook with practice cards.

Ultra Efficient Practicing

Our algorithm calculates optimal intervals (Spaced Repetition)

Learn with our Chatbot

Receive phrases and instructions to take control of your learning.

Our Mobile App

Create Flashcards within Seconds. Learn phrases from friends, practice them anywhere!

The System is very simple. You record a sentence, make a flashcard and practice wherever you are. Also, you can export or import sentences from our chatbot or your friends.

Get offered daily challenges and level up by completing them.

Your Chatbot Coach

Keep track of your progress, do a challenge each day. Our chatbot serves you with phrase-sets that we have created for you. These especially will help you at the very beginning of learning a language.

They contain phrases to make people smile, be understood, or prepare a topic. You can prepare with them until you found a tandem partner,

Personally Relevant

Words you want to remember, captured in the context.

Anywhere, Anytime

Always ready to record, and to practice. No more need to carry a notebook.

Scientific Approach

We are cooperating with university researchers to improve effectiveness.

Suggested Translations

Our included translator and voice recognition will help you get the spelling right.

App Works With All Languages

The tool to record new phrases in-conversation can be used for any language. VR and Translation works for most.

Social Business

Free basic functionality and 51% of future profits will go to social educational projects.