Live Practice Card Creation.
A Tool to Remember Phrases Native Speakers Teach you.

Learning Languages Together, just Better

Record Phrases from Conversations with Native Speakers.

Record the Phrases you Care About

Build a personalised phrasebook with practice cards.

Ultra Efficient Practicing

Let our algorithm remind by the best possible timing and save time.

What makes Lingophant special, compared to other Apps?

  • It is a powerful, free tool (NOT a course), to learn in the most natural way.
  • Use it to remember what native speakers teach you. You don’t ask again twice for something, instead record and practice later with their pronunciation.
  • And experience our Playful elements  by earning peanuts and leveling up for right practice!
Start Building your own Phrasebook now and Collect up to 7 new Phrases a day, for free!

Build your own Phrasebook. With words captured in real-time.

Anywhere, Anytime

Always ready to record, and to practice. No need to carry a notebook.

App Works With All Languages

This tool can record and translate new phrases during conversations in any language.

Suggested Translations

Our included translator and voice recognition will help you get the spelling right.

Social Business

Free basic functionality and 51% of future profits will go to social educational projects.

Meaningful use of your Smartphone

Use the time you spend looking on your phone for practice and development.

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