s Lingophant in 5 GIFs – Lingophant

Uh! I want to remember this word, let's record a sentence.

1. Record Phrase

Learn through the sentences you really need!! How? During a foreign language conversation, open the app, hold the button, and record a phrase. It takes 6 seconds, and there’s no pen or paper involved. EASY!

2. Transcribe New Phrases

This is the first learning / practicing moment. Now you turn your freshly recorded phrases into flashcards you can practice. We help you with voice recognition and translation services. Phrases are stored only on your phone, we cannot see them! #privacy

Let's practice my phrases for today.

Authentic Content

With the ORIGINAL audio recording, and the correct translation, it is easy to practice. 

Timing DONE

Not only that, also there’s a powerful algorithm which hides the card, until it’s the PERFECT MOMENT to repeat it. This way, you practice in the most effective way. 

Anywhere you go.



4. Pronunciation Trainer

Wow! You had a native speaker record the phrase? Great, now go listen to that phrase, then record yourself saying it. Listen back to yourself, and COMPARE it to the original. Try this, until you’re happy with how it sounds. Seriously, this is the best way to practice pronunciation!

5. Listen-to-all

Member of a fitness club? Do you like long walks? Wouldn’t it be great to just listen to all your audioclips in an infinite loop? Exactly, we thought the same. Now you can just tap play, and you’ll listen to all the clips.