We are driven by …

Almost 1.5 Million international students are studying abroad in a EU country, and many more persons live, love, or work abroad. Also migrants who want to integrate need to learn the language of the host country. Not everyone can afford courses, or likes to sit in class. Here, technology can bring down costs, increase effectiveness, and be fun and practical.

That’s why we built Lingophant, to simplify, optimise, and streamline learning and practicing of vocabulary.

We believe in the power of a well-designed tool to improve the learning experience of many, and foster communication between different people, reduce costs for those who would benefit the most, and reduce frustrations in a process that’s often already too complicated. Individuals will benefit, their environment will benefit, and communication will improve. 

We are acting responsibly by …

Lingophant has been developed by and for language learners, out of a strong need for a tool that supports classroom interaction and individual learning. We first and foremost want to build a product that works, and will use a scientific approach to make sure that what we sell is effective.

And when we earn money we want to use it for a good cause. That is why we are proud to be a social business, and the majority of profits realised are used to support initiatives that create environments for exchange and learning.

So to do this, we are integrating proven concepts for learning a language into an App, on whose simple functionality we can innovate the way courses are taught, the way language learners interact, and the content that is presented to learners. That’s our plan, yallah!

The people working on Lingophant

These are the people who make sure Lingophant is reaches its full potential, by working on one or more projects. Work is done on a project basis, and the team can work from anywhere they want. We have many other helpers and opportunities for project work. Just contact us about opportunities 🙂

iOS Backend
Anton Kondrashov

Anton is a talented iOS developer from Mother Russia. It was his idea to make cards exportable and importable, long before the idea of the chatbot was born.

Chatbot All-rounder
Sabine Elisa Köck

Studies Cultural Anthropology and Transcultural Communication, and a true all-rounder. A lot of the chatbot’s character comes from her playful yet smart way of writing.

Alexander Hartveld

Half Dutch, and half Austrian, he was part of a cultural environment where foreign languages and cultures were key. Studied in Amsterdam, China, Tel Aviv, and now Vienna. Forbes 30 under 30 and co-founder of Refugees{code}.

We are currently looking for a Development Project Member  ((Android || iOS) || (Android && iOS) to improve the 2.0 version, and conceptualise on the 3.0 version of the app. Contact alex[ät]lingophant.com to be sent a more detailed description.

Advisory Committee

These are people who took an interest in the project and who agreed to support the project on a more formal and expertise-driven level.

Advisory Committee Member
mag. Muhamed Mesic

Muhi is a Bosnian polyglot, lawyer, and Senior Consultant for sustainable development, creative industries and education. He speaks more than 50 languages and travels the world for a variety of projects.

Advisory Committee Member
prof. Eva Vetter

Professor for Research on Language Learning and Didactics at the university of Vienna. With great dedication, she has supervised a large number of PhD and MA disertations of the past years and is greatly appreciated by her students.

Advisory Committee Member
Nigel Stonham, MBA

With around 13 years of experience in Sales for IBM and Oracle, Nigel has insights and a large network to help product development and sales. With his Vienna Hub, he is active in a variety of language and education projects with potential for synergies.

Advisory Committee Member
prof. Renate Motschnig

As the head of the Computer Science Didactics and Learning Research Center (CS LEARN), she combines technical knowledge with a passion for technology-enhanced learning and has given Human-Computer-Interaction university courses for many years.

Advisory Committee Member
dr. Aard Hartveld

Institutional Development Expert for development cooperation projects, mainly in the rural sector so far. Recently retired and can dig out some of the roots of his studied and acquired sociology expertise.

We are currently looking for language schools that have recognised the potential of technology and want early access to our technology. In return for participation in a effectiveness study, you get assigned a consultant for implementation and credits + future discount for our course suite. Contact alex[ät]lingophant.com for more information or a non-committal meeting.

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