The people working on Lingophant

These are the people who make sure Lingophant is reaches its full potential, by working on one or more projects. Work is done on a project basis, and the team can work from anywhere they want. We have many other helpers and opportunities for project work. Just contact us about opportunities 🙂

Backend Builder
Majd Zaour

Theatre Criticism student from Damascus, who is now a software developer. Majd is making sure the chatbot suggests the right challenges and that phrases can be shared more easily.

Chatbot All-rounder
Sabine Elisa Köck

Studies Cultural Anthropology and Transcultural Communication, and a true all-rounder. A lot of the chatbot’s character comes from her playful yet smart way of writing.

Alexander Hartveld

Half Dutch, and half Austrian, he was part of a cultural environment where foreign languages and cultures were key. Studied in Amsterdam, China, Tel Aviv, and now Vienna. Forbes 30 under 30 and co-founder of Refugees{code}.

Special thanks to: Anton Kondrashov, Theresa Kacerovsky, Rafal Kocik, Nicola Kraml, Andre Andre, Masha Krauz.

We are driven by …

1.4 million international students study abroad in a EU country, and many many others live, love, or work abroad. But not everyone can afford courses, or likes to sit in class. Here, technology can bring down costs, increase effectiveness, and be fun and practical.

Language is central to communication, understanding and integration. That’s why Lingophant tries to simplify, optimise, and streamline learning and practicing of vocabulary.

We are acting responsibly by …

Lingophant was made by and for language learners, because personalised learning is most fun and effective (watch this video!). We first and foremost want to build a product that works. So we will use a scientific approach to make sure that what we sell is effective.

Now when we earn money we want to use it for a good cause, because we are proud to be a social business. We want to support learners by doing, and like to see learners support each other. Let’s create some language learning by doing!