The New Era of Language Learning. The Era of Language Cafes!

Nowadays it makes greater sense to learn a new language than ever before, due to globalization, business and lifestyle changes. We have access to global products, consumer and business technologies as well as less barriers when it comes to traveling. It has become easier for us to meet people from all over the world in our own country and city. We are slowly realising how easy it is to meet and connect with native speakers of the language we are learning. Based on this principle, a new era of language learning has started to evolve within the past 10 years internationally. 

The Language Cafe or Language Exchange. What is it?

In contrast to traditional learning systems, at a Language Cafe you don’t have a teacher. Instead, you share a table with up to 10 learners and native speakers of your target language. The average meeting time takes between one or two hours. In this time, the learner practices his language skills, and is supported by native speakers. He or she will speak to people of a various language levels and are encouraged to speak. Topics usually vary from day to day experiences and discussing different ideologies.

How can I improve by visiting a Language Cafe?

By visiting a Language Cafe it is interesting that you will not just improve your target language but also learn the real vocabulary and expression patterns. In language cafes you share the table with people from all over the world. You’ll hear various individual stories of travelling through diverse countries. You’ll learn about cultural backgrounds and customs. Visiting a Language Cafe feels more like meeting with friends than going to class. And if you approach it with the same mindset, you’ll likely be at least as successful. 

Visiting a Language Cafes may seem like a promising thing to do now. Even if you don’t primarily want to learn a language, visiting a language cafe is an experience that’s worth it. Where can you find one? And which kind of Language Cafes is right for me? We decided to visit the ones in Vienna one by one and gradually give you a brief description of what you will find. 

Generally, in your city, look at or search facebook. Once you have found one of them, we can guarantee that other guests can forward you the other opportunities. 

Kontaktepool Sprachencafe, Einsiedlerplatz 5, 1050 Wien

The Language Cafe at Einsiedlerplatz probably is one of the biggest and most visited at the moment. It has its doors opened every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 17:00-20:00. Each day up to 8 different languages are being practiced. And on average, around 100 people participate each day to practice their skills or simply enjoy the company of others.


Since there is 100 people participating per day, it can be very loud and a little chaotic. If you dive into it by chatting with someone you will soon be pulled in by the friendly atmosphere. People around you will talk, laugh, drink (great black tea) and eat snacks that you can get at the bar. (free)

Registration Needed/Organization?

There is no registration needed, Just drop by and dive in. 

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