Things are moving! They say, if you want to go fast, go alone- but if you want to go far, go together.

This February, Rafal from Poland came over and helped us with marketing stuff and strategic considerations. It’s very interesting to start using his input and he was super forthcoming and professional :). He was also learning some German with our app and since he’s studying industrial design we found him some suitable phrases for life as an industrial designer. Super useful and customised content.

Meanwhile, Jake in England is on fire with his iOS designs. It’s wonderful to spend hours debating a single screen, and we write messages on such a deep level of understanding, that their text probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone else 😛 What excites me most, is that we did a complete redesign of our main screens: recording, transcription and the practice. Too many confused looks, and I learned I’m not a good designer. Jake is though, so that’s great 🙂

I think soon we’ll have to organise some real-life tandem cafés. We need to show solid proof that our method is 5x more effective than what’s currently available. We hope, by making tandem events, to make it a bit simpler for people to find tandem partners to practice and to make it easier to find time and a safe space to meet.

But learning faster comes with a price… The price of finding a partner to talk to, taking out your phone to record and practice phrases, and, of course, dedicating time to a routine. Basically the same price it costs to get anything done 😉