Can we train listening comprehension by watching movies? Yes we can! And should we? Yes!!

If you’re from a country where movies are shown in their original language, and then you move to a large European country like Germany or France, you’ll be shocked when watching television! Most movies are synchronized, so they just replaced the voice layer. It sounds awfully weird when you’re not used to it.

But this weirdness offers a chance. It allows you to watch movies you may already know, and immerse yourself in a foreign language experience. If you understand the meaning, the comprehension will follow. And, if you want to go full professional, you can add subtitles to the audio, and read along. Just try what works for you and the movie.

It takes a few minutes but you’ll get used to it then!

Now after some searching, we found the URL under which you can browse Netflix movies that have the spoken language you’re learning. Just click on the image below: