Neighbours can be a great inspiration for learning a language.

Did you know that above below or next to you, probably some awesome people are living. And how nice would it be if you could have a cup of tea or a drink there every week. They sure will have interesting stories. Here are our tips for learning the culture and language by your neighbours. Because just like you, there may be someone in your house with an interest in your culture. Let’s exchange with the excuse of language. 

Finding someone to talk and practice the language with, can be worth more than any language course money can buy. There may be an open door for nice conversations, cookies, a glass of wine, and lots of foreign language practicing. Look for someone who may have an interest in you and then schedule practice sessions, for example Jordí from downstairs who also likes watching football and skating. Or the auntie upstairs who likes to bake cookies and has a balcony with many flowers.

Here’s how to get in touch with them.

Three Steps to Recruit neighbours:

Step 1: Hang a card somewhere

Make sure you are clear about

  • the smallest first step they have to make
  • the purpose of the meeting
  • What’s in it for them
  • How to take action.

Here’s an example

Dear Neighbours, my name is Alex (26) and I’m learning the beautiful language of Spanish. Maybe we can talk about literature, football, or our home countries.

If I may invite you for a coffee sometime, that would be nice. The Café Studio around the corner could be where we can meet and speak. I have an interesting language learning method I’m trying, and maybe you can help.

Please WhatsApp me under +4369911424267, I usually have time in the evenings 🙂


Step 2: Wait for them to contact you

Tip: It may take a few days.

Step 3: Have a conversation using the Lingophant App

Tip: Bring a little gift like some flowers or wine to the first meeting.