The best way to learn involves speaking to other people. Lingophant was built for this.

Sometimes, it may be easier to speak to someone who also wants to learn your language. It’s a fair deal: You meet for an hour, and 30 minutes you speak in one language, 30 minutes in the other languages, and then you just do whatever. Both people profit, and maybe you even found a friend.

The best thing: If you live in a city with international students, you can also learn the language from your home country.

And finally, it’s a nice chance to get to know Cafés around you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you’ve been in every café in the neighbourhood?

Anyway, back to finding a tandem partner:

Look at websites:

Most cities have websites for this, for example in Vienna:

The Sprachenzentrum has their own website for this: Sprachlernbörse.

The economics and business university has their own course for ECTS credits on this.

The site Tandem Partners may help you in your city. In Vienna there’s around one person per month wanting to learn Dutch, for example.

Search on facebook:

Of course, there’s also a ton of facebook pages for this. Just search for “tandem” and the city you’re in, and join the first couple of persons.

Advice: There’s a search button! And most people who have looked to learn may still be looking.

If you’re reacting to someone

Write a comment, and then write them a personal message. Be open about what you’d like to talk about, and be clear about your expectations. That helps others to commit as well.

If you’re posting something

Be sure to mention one or more of your hobbies.

And add a personal touch, one fun fact about you can make you more approachable to others.