Studying can be really hard. Everyone knows that weird tense feeling chich starts crawling up the throat because your progress is not as it should be. Sometimes you have to cancel plans and invitations from your friends.  And sometimes when you are not strong enough to do so you end up sitting with your friends totally distressed at a Bar. Maybe your thoughts will keep on circling around your loss of time to study.

But to be honest: Everyone has to take breaks. Your brain only has a certain capacity of concentration.
Therefore sometimes breaks are exactly what you need to improve your learning progress. As long as you havent been procrastinating all day long ;). And by the end you missed out one spoon of ice cream, beers or chit-chat talk, but instead, you maybe learned how to react in a difficult situation. Keep in mind where your fear of missing out is holding you back from doing what really matters at the end of the day. 😉

The following tips I collected to help myself stay focused.

 1. Have a goal to focus on and work for. 🏁👀

If there is no real purpose in what you are working or learning for, sure it will not be easy. Better have one. It also will be more easily for your family and friends to understand and support you.

 2. Schedule the time you need for studying in your calendar. 📅

Yes, really. Write it down, and before going out with your friends make sure that you aren´t skipping your own setup date to study. Else you still can bump into them one hour later. 🙂

 3. Have a routine 🔂💪

When practicing relevant content becomes part of your daily routine as eating breakfast, you already won half way. You will be missing studying and the feeling it gives you when there is no time for it.

 4. Use existing learning techniques!📲🤓

They already exist and can be really helpful. For example the Pomodoro technique. Here you sit down with an alarm set on 25 minutes. After 25 minutes you have a break. Then repeat it. Voila, you have already studied for 60 minutes. It may also help to know how your brain works, so learn about many more techniques and how to learn in this online course. It will probably pay off in the long term!


 5. Figure out the fun facts 😝

Almost every topic contains fun facts or at least ones that are very interesting for every human being. Share them with your friends. Probably they will be coming back to you to hear some more.

 6. Feed your curiosity 🔎☺️

When I get really upset about studying it helps me to watch a documentary about the topic. This often gives me a new perspective on it. For example, when I get tired of learning a language, I watch a movie produced by the country I want to visit, with subtitles.

I wish this will help you too. But also share your own methods. What are your most effective methods of studying?☺️